Farmhouse Bed

Submitted by rosiejane on Sat, 03/28/2015 - 06:11

Finally our 3 year old is out of her cot. Her long awaited bed finally got made! It took about 3 days to build (working around naptimes and school runs) and another week to paint it. I modified the plans slightly, using 70mm posts (instead of 90mm). I used 19x140mm for the rails so that more of the mattress was exposed (so we don't hit the rails when we sit on the edge of the bed) and also took quite a bit off the height of the headboard. I used bed brackets which made joining the rails very easy. Very impressed with how it turned out. The plans were really easy to follow and easily modified to suit our needs. A matching doll bed is in the works and her older siblings are also putting their orders in...

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
AUD$250 (timber and bed brackets) I already had the paint.
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used
I rounded off all sharp edges. This gave a nice definition to the head and footboard panels. I used gap filler in all the cracks and this made everything nice and smooth for painting. 1 coat primer and 4 coats acrylic semi-gloss - vivid white. I used a 100mm foam roller.
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Mon, 08/03/2015 - 17:16

we made a toddler size bed a few years ago recreating this farmhouse plan,  and are wanting to make the regular twin size now. I LOVE your changes. Any chance you could post a picture 1) a close up of the bracket (I'm wanting to do the same), and 2) how it looked from the inside, but pointing to the footboard? I want to copy YOUR bed! :D