Farmhouse Style Window Trim from Pine Boards

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How to trim windows with pine boards farmhouse style. Tutorial by

Hi everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  

I'm so excited for spring!  Grace's spring break is coming up here pretty soon, and we will be heading down to our cabin to take some family time and wrap up a few projects.  

Today, I'm going to share with you how we built the window trim for our cabin.  I wanted farmhouse style window trim, but since we were remote, I couldn't just run to the store and buy special mouldings.  So I had to get creative and design window trim from scrap 1x boards.

I absoutely love how it turned out! Can you believe this window is trimmed out in all 1x boards?!?!  I can hardly believe it myself!

Here's how we did it (and you can too) -


The first thing we did was make a box that basically trims the inside of the window.  The sides are 1x6 ripped down to the depth needed to fill the window (with 2x6 wall construction but this will vary depending on your windows) and the sill is just a 1x8.

The sill is cut 7" wider than the opening, and then notched out to run past the window.  The top is cut to the opening width, and the sides are cut to the opening width minu 1-1/2".

We built this window on the ground since it is to be painted a different color than the wall, but you can also build in place, nailing to the window framing.

Here is a different window that we built in place.

So once the box is done, it's time to start adding the trim.  Our Kreg Multi-Mark tool has a 3/16" guide on it to space the trim off the window box (this is called the reveal).  You do this because it is very difficult to get wood lined up perfectly (and stay that way over time).  Basically, it's better to be off on purpose, than to be off by accident and it looks sloppy.


We nailed the trim to the window box.  If you were buiding in the window itself, you would nail to the walls where studs are located as well (as we eventually do).

Notice that we also cut the side trim 3/16" longer so that when we do the top trim pieces, there's the same reveal at the top.


Then we just added the other side of window trim.


Now for the header -


The header is a 1x4 cut to the width of the window trim with 2 1x2s cut to the length of the window sill nailed ot the top and bottom.  


All edges are flush to back with equal overhangs on ends.

The header fits on top of the trim, and is nailed to the top of the window box.


It was a little tricky nailing the header to the window box but this joint gets reinforced when you attach to the wall.

There's one window done, except for the bottom apron.  We painted the entire window trim on the ground, and then put it inside the window opening.



Perfect fit!

This was the fastest, easiest and prettiest way I've done windows - and cheapest too!  We love how it turned out.

Now it's your turn! 

Have a great day!

XO Ana


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I Am a Homemaker

Wed, 03/09/2016 - 19:34

I love this style of window. I did this in my dining room, although I really should have painted before I put it up (DUH!) it would have saved me some aggrivation.