Bar Cart or BBQ Cart

The rolling bar cart (or BBQ cart) with removable tray is the latest addition to my suite of DIY patio furniture. This site has become a bit of a building obsession with me. Even with the detailed instructions, I still found ways to make this project my own: I added a 3/4" dowel and plastic wheels, instead of wood rounds. I painted all the pieces with primer and exterior paint before assembling it, because it's hard to get paint between the slats, unless you have a spray painter. The white slat design of the bar cart, park bench and matching side tables goes with the white siding of the house for my own patio picnic.

Estimated Cost
1x3's $20
wheels $10
dowel $4
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used
White primer & exterior house paint
Recommended Skill Level