Cedar Storage Box

My wife and I constructed this cedar storage box over a few days. We lined the inside with heavy-duty plastic in the hopes of keeping it dry(ish). It will store the cushions for our patio chairs, which otherwise would be laying around in our master bedroom taking up space. The legs on the storage box still have the bark attached to the boards, which gives it a great unique effect. We purchased a whole bunch of cedar from a mill for cheap - they are "off cuts," or edges with bark on them. There are a ton of useable boards that we've pulled and the rest we'll use as firewood. It was a great deal, but a lot of labor to go through the huge pile. Overall, very worth it when you consider the price per useable board is <$1 for cedar. This was our first major woodworking projects and I have to say -- the box came together beautifully. Thank you for the detailed plans. I'm very grateful for this online community!

Estimated Cost
<$5, but see details in description
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used
None yet, weighing our options
Recommended Skill Level