Curtin rod and shelf over the window

My husband has some cherished knick knacks and I am hoping to give our little home a little charm. 

The most difficult part of this project was lining up the dowel holes for the shelf. 

2-1x6's cut to the length of the window 

2-1x6's cut to 6-1/4" for the sides

1-1x6 cut to 4-3/4" for the center support

Fostner  (sp?) Bit at 1" for the dowels, I centered them and put them 2" down on each side and the on each side of the center support

Then I sanded, sanded and then sanded some more.. .

I used the 1/2" fostner  bit and spaced the holes 3 3/4" apart on center for the rail and the top. 

I cut a 1/2" dowel into 2" pcs. 

The rail is a 2x2 that I trimmed down on the table saw, it finished out at 7/8"x1-1/16"

Lots of glue, more sanding and it was complete

Added 3 hillman heavy duty hangers to it and hung it over the living room window. 

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Finish Used
Left raw for now
Recommended Skill Level