My Projects

My To-Do List

I realized that I needed to update this.

I spent 8 years with my exhusband begging for a heated shop, when I found myself getting divorced I bought myself a heated shop with a house that came with the deal. My sweet and wonderful boys (a German shepherd and English mastiff) hate my hobby but they know it centers me.

I work 5 blocks from home so I come home at all of my breaks to work on projects. Most of my favorite projects for those that I love and care about but sometimes, I make something special for myself too. I will start posting more of my projects as I complete them on here.

Working in the garage is my therapy and keeps me happier than I have found myself in ever. It is what I am supposed to be doing and because of this website and others like it, I have the plans to create. Now my imagination and drive are all that are holding me back.