Easy Frame and Panel Doors

Submitted by skydogda on Tue, 02/24/2015 - 04:17

Needed to outfit an antique center island with some doors because our cookware was constantly getting dirty and having to wash before using. Followed the panel, rile and stile plans and ended up with some pretty decent cabinet doors. I would say that this style of creating doors while may seem easier due to not needing many tools (circular saw and kreg pocket set is about all you need), is actually intermediate because the panels have to be cut EXACTLY right or you will have gaps in your door. I remedied this with the help of my old friend wood putty, but this limits the doors since they must be painted. If your big box home improvement store has a COMPETENT worker (sometimes those are hard to find) you just might get some panels cut well enough, although I myself know how 1/8's of an inch add up crying. If you do decide to get someone else to cut the panels bring your tape measure and verify the cuts are accurate.  Anyway I have created doors both the traditional rile and stiles with inset panels and this way and this way is definitely quicker!

NOTE: I haven't installed any catches or handles thats why the door is slightly open.

Great Way to Spruce Up Your Kitchen!



Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
$50 for 4 doors
Estimated Time Investment
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Finish Used
Semi-gloss Cappuccino White Valspar Ultra
Recommended Skill Level