Industrial clean up cart pipe and wood

Submitted by jessieb on Sat, 03/19/2016 - 05:51

I'm calling this the "Clean Up Cart". You know how your kids toys always migrate into the living room? I wanted baskets I could toss them in and carry to their room at the end of the day. Then one day after walking back and forth across the house a million times cleaning toys up, I decided the baskets needed to live on a cart I could move around to the mess. So I envisioned this industrial pipe and wood cart. I used Ana and That's My Letter's Pipe and Wood bed to figure out how to make it happen. The key is using the splint ring pipe hanger to attach the wood. See that antique advertising sign? That design is from an antique soda bottle label from an old company that was down the street from where I grew up. I always loved the old soda bottling barn so when I found this label I had to come up with something to use it. This was the perfect chance. I followed picture to wood transfer instructions from the Graphics Fairy using the freezer paper method. The pipe comes from supply house dot com. I used: 2 – 1/2 “ by 14” black nipple 8 – 1/2” by 18” black nipple 8 – ½” black tee 2 – ½” black 90 degree elbow 6 – ½” black 90 degree street elbow 14 – 1/2 “ black split ring extension hanger Its a learning process figuring out how to screw it all together. Some things will unscrew as you screw others in. Basically, I started at one end and went around in a circle until I got back to my beginning. Install all of your split ring extension hangers before you try to attach your board. You wouldn't be able to get enough clearance between the pipes to attach an opposite side after you connect one. I cut the wood to size leaving about a 1/4" gap all around it clear the connectors. If your board isn't quite reaching a side, adjust your screw in your connector. The wood is scraps of pure bond plywood I had from another project. After the transfer was dried (about 24 hours) I sealed it with beeswax. I didn't use any stain. To do the antique ad transfer, I took a picture of the old soda bottle label laid flat. I reversed it in Microsoft paint. Then I printed it onto the waxy side of freezer paper. Then you just simply lay it ink side down onto your wood being careful not to move it at all once you place it (that would make it blurry). I used painters tape to hold it in place. Score the back of it to really get the ink in, I used a credit card. If you lightly wet the wood before it will take the ink better and make it darker. I was happy with the color without doing this in my test piece so I didn't. Wait a while for the ink to dry (I waited 24 hours) and then you could spray with poly or I used beeswax to seal it.

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Miss Mustard Seed Bees wax. I sanded the project before I applying the wood transfer, let the ink dry for 24 hours and then gently applied bees wax.
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