Queen Storage Bed with Drawers!

This was our third major building project (I've built some frames and small shelves in my free time but our other two big projects were the bunk beds and the tryde coffee table).

This was our first time cutting plywood boards and it was a huge chore at first, until we got the hang of it and built a good circular saw guide that cut our cutting time by more than half.

We couldn't find the type of drawer slides we needed so we decided to forget them and built our own wood slides. They basically are just L-shaped brackets made of 1x3 (on the bottom) and 1x2 (on the top), adjusted to the right spot to hold the drawers in place. A little candle wax (a trick learned from my husband's grandfather) is all you need to make them slide nicely. All in all, we built drawer slides out of wood for the about $20 total. Huge savings and honestly I think I like it better that way.

Things I learned during this project:
Plywood is a lot heavier than I ever imagined.
Cutting plywood is not fun.
I will never complain again about cutting boards with the miter saw!
Stainable wood putty is a joke. You can clearly see every spot I puttied. From now on we buy the colored stuff that already matches the stain!
Building drawers isn't scary--I thought it would be. I actually built all the drawers by myself in one morning, when hubby wasn't even around to help.
90-degree gripper things are a must have. And the more you have, the better.
Elmer's wood glue is really stronger than nails. We glued something and didn't like it and were unable to break it off so we had to nail it as it was!

This project took us nearly a month, but to be fair, I was out of town for two weeks of that time and this is definitely a project for four hands, not two.

Overall, it was a great experience and I'm so excited for the extra storage--our house is small but we don't want to move so we are trying to make use of every inch of space, without the house LOOKING like we are making use of every inch of space.

Next up: new bedside tables to match the bed.

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used
Varathane American Walnut: two coats. Applied with paint brush, allowed to soak and then excess wiped with old socks (loved the old sock trick, thanks, Ana).

One coat of minwax semi-gloss poly.
Recommended Skill Level