Shoe Dresser

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Submitted by LacyLou on Sun, 08/12/2012 - 18:10

This little dresser kicked my tushy! It was my second project and I was feeling confident coming off that first one and boy was I brought back to reality quick. If the measurements and cuts aren't perfect and I mean perfect it takes a lot to fix it and make it work! But I finally got everything worked out and it looks pretty great in my little foyer I think. I stuck to the plan everywhere but the 1x2's that go across the "drawer" parts because my wood had a slight warp to it I needed a 1x2 running vertical up the back to keep my shelves even and therefore the original 1x2's wouldn't fit. You can see it in the open picture. I used jute webbing in place of the 1x2's to keep the shoes in place. The front is quarter inch ply added to make it look like a dresser with cabinet. I took someone else's idea to use the ply from the brag post and found a dresser to emulate. That part was actually pretty simple! I love this site for that very reason, so many great ideas in one place! I painted the inside a barn red for a surprise pop of color and that's that.

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couple different minwax stains I had already for the front and carcass dark walnut and gray I think in different dilutions. The inside is rustoleum spray paint in colonial red satin finish. Finished with spray poly satin on the front semi gloss on the carcass.
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