Shoe Storage Flip Top Bench - First Attempt at "Woodworking"

Submitted by rskeels on Thu, 12/26/2013 - 07:48

This is my first attempt at building and your website made it possible. There were a couple of mistakes, I admit. This was especially true with the finish. I did my best, but I'm a little impatient with letting things dry.

I am also having a difficult time estimating how long it took to build as I am the sometimes proud father of 3 boys...aged 2, 4, and 5....resulting in frequent stopping, starting, and intermittent chasing down the street. I need an exterior lock on the garage.

Thanks so much for your website Ana.

Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Finish Used
Minwax English Chestnut - Two Coats
Minwax Jacobean - One coat
Minwax Polyurethane
Recommended Skill Level
Starter Project