Simple Bed Bunks

Ok, to start off with I am a guy and I love to build things, but I'm not some techincally savvy dude. I need simple plans and this was an awesome build! I love it, my kids love it, and most importantly my wife loves it. As others have said, It is BIG. but small things I did saved some space. For instance I cut the 3" off of the tops of the headboards to save 6" of linear space. Little things went wrong along the way, but they always do... finished in about 4 days workings sporadically. I've got about 350$ in it, and couldnt be more pleased. I will definately build more things from your plans. IF anyone is thinking of building it DO IT! Definatley need the KREG Jig. I should have bought that thing a long time ago. would have made several projects easier.