Sturdy work bench the hard way

Submitted by Devorlast on Fri, 12/17/2021 - 18:35

This was my first project and it was done entirely with a table saw, battery powered drill and a sander. It's uneven but stays stable in my shed/workshop. I learned a lot from making it and I hope to incorporate that knowledge in to my next project, L shaped desk for the wife.
The "decorative" edge was really just me testing a router that I got, you can see how it took chunks of the table top on the sides. I figured if I'm going to mess something up it might as well be the workbench.
As for the coating, it's just some polyurethane. I put three layers on the table top and one everywhere else, it looks slightly glossy and yellowish but its a lot less prone to denting then the bare wood was.

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