10 Budget Friendly Beginner Projects for Your First Apartment or Dorm Room

Submitted by Ana White on Thu, 08/05/2021 - 13:03

Set yourself up for success with a first apartment that is organized, functional and beautiful!  Here's ten of our favorite easy to build plans, all in budget friendly materials.




Crib Mattress Sectional

diy sectional

Repurpose a couple of crib mattresses with a 2x4 frame to create your very own DIY sectional.  Crib mattresses can be easy to find and are usually in good condition, since they are normally made waterproof. Reader submitted photo. Free plans linked below.



2x4 Hall Tree

diy coat rack

If you need entryway organization and storage, but can't hang shelves on the wall, our 2x4 hall tree might be the perfect project.  It provides lots of hooks, a top shelf, a bench (perfect for setting things on too) and open bottom for shoe storage.  This is an easy to build project that should cost under $50. Free plans linked below.



$30 Open Bookshelves

cheap bookshelves

We love these bookshelves because they are inexpensive, light weight (yay, easy to move!), strong and sturdy, and super versatile.  Build yours today with free plans linked below.



Beginner Farm Table

easy to build farm table

This easy to build farm table requires no special tools and looks amazing!  Lighten up (weightwise) the table by using 1x6s (instead of 2x6s) on the top.  Reader submitted photo.  Free plans linked below.



Snack Cart

diy rolling bar cart

This simple bar cart can be used in so many way!  We love it as a snack center with a microwave, or as a console table, or use it for entertaining!  This is an easy to build project that stains up beautifully.  Free plans linked below.



Loft Bed that's Actually Easy to Use

diy loft bed

Loft beds are a great idea for small spaces.  But the problem is climbing up a ladder to go to bed gets old fast.  Our loft bed features a platform with stairs, that make it easy to get in and out of bed, similar to a standard bed set up. Reader submitted photo by RFJJD



Freestanding Closet

diy freestanding closet

Need more closet storage, but no closet? This freestanding closet is easy to build and modify, looks awesome, and does the job on a budget! Reader submitted photo.  Free plans below.



Wall Organizer

easy to build wall organizer

If you can hang things on the wall, this organizer plan is easy to modify and build to suit your space.  We love the double level of shelves, hooks and this snowboard modification submitted by one of our readers LAMPATFEET is awesome! Free plans below.



Simple Wood Desk

simple wood desk plans

Create a quick and cheap work space with our simple desk plans!  Solid wood, so you can paint or stain any color of your choice.  Free plans below.



Sofa C Table

rolling C table

What first apartment wouldn't be complete without a rolling C table for the sofa?  Free plans linked below.

10 Budget Friendly Beginner Projects for Your First Apartment or Dorm Room