10 Back to School Projects You Can DIY

Whether the kids are going back to school full time or choosing to homeschool, we want to help you get organized, so you can spend your time where it matters most, with the kids!

Here are 10 must have DIY school projects, to help you and your child be more successful this school year.



1. Wall Cubby for School Supplies

Wall Cubby for School Supplies

These cubbies are super easy to build using just 1x2's and 1x3's, and just 2 tools! We love that they help keep surfaces picked up and clean and look great on the wall or on a desktop. Build a drop zone for school and art supplies, easy for kids to keep their space neat and tidy! Reader submitted photo. 



2. Hanging Shelf for Backpacks and Folders

backpack and storage organizer

Check your scrap pile for this simple woodworking project, great for beginners and a great way to have a specific place to hang backpacks and store homework, books and folders. This wall shelf with backpack hooks make it easy to grab school stuff before heading out the door.  We also love this in the kids room for homeschool. This plan is easy to modify to fit your specific needs, add hooks, make wider, add an upper shelf, stain or paint!



3. Storage Desk with Base Options

storage desk with base options

Whether homeschooling or full time back to school, either way the kids need a place to be able to study and/or do homework. This simple storage desk keeps everything tidy with it's flip top storage design. Choose the base to go with this storage desktop, we have you covered with our free plans, for multiple options! 



4. Desktop Organizer

Desktop organizer

Using all 1 x boards, build a nice little desk organizer! Perfect for office supplies or change it up and use it for cosmetics, mail sorting - anywhere you need a little more desktop organization. This is a great option if you have a desk with no drawer. If you are looking to clean up your existing desktop, this is a great option to create more organization inexpensively and easily!



5. Stack and Store Desks

stackable storage desk

This space saving, stackable storage desk, is a beginner friendly woodworking project! It stacks and stores school supplies and books. Flip and use as a lap desk.

Whether you are homeschooling or going to school full time, these are a great option, they can be brought out while doing school work and easily stored away when not in use.



6. Library Cart

library cart

We love this DIY Library Cart! This isn't just for books, though it will hold many... Store art supplies, papers, pencils, homework, add hooks for backpacks, mirrors... Add casters for easy accessibility and putting away when not in use. Check out our free plans.



7. Flip Down Wall Storage Desk for Small Spaces

diy flip down murphy storage desk

Don't have room for a full sized desk? A fold down murphy desk may be the answer! Using standards tools and minimal lumber, build it easily and inexpensively. Love the added storage on this flip down desk, to keep all those school and homework supplies in one place! Reader submitted photo. 



8. Family Command Center

Family command center

Consider a family command center with chalkboard, backpack and folder organization, using few tools and materials. A DIY command center is a great way to keep track of multiple activities, as well as having a dedicated spot for everybody in the family to communicate daily and weekly activities, all in one place. A command center can be custom built to fit your space and need. Using our Gabriel Wall System plan, this builder easily added some framed chalkboards to complete the functionality of THIS family command center!  



9. Sitting or Standing Desk

diy sitting or standing desk

Whether you prefer to sit or stand at your desk, this DIY woodworking plan is for you! Another easily customizable project that is beginner friendly, using just a few tools. This is a great option for the whole family, and could be used just about anywhere in the house, whether it be office work or schoolwork. This desk system would look great stained or painted, and it packs tons of storage, we love it, especially the option to make it a standing desk!



10. Kids Storage Bookshelf

kids storage bookshelf diy

This DIY Storage Bookshelf is an easy build that can store anything from books, to toys, to school supplies! Another beginner friendly woodworking project and our step by step plans make it even easier to build. Another shelf project that is easy to modify to desired size, or build TWO if it suits your needs! 

10 Back to School Projects You Can DIY