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In December 2009 my husband and I bought our dream house…maybe it was just my dream house. When we walked in for the first time, I saw the woodwork and fell in love. I said “I want this house!” Michael said “Are we in the same house?”

This poor neglected foreclosed house that had sat empty for over four years needed some work and we are determined to DIY (Do It Yourself) the whole thing…okay most of it anyway. We worked on the house for two months before we moved in. Painting, tearing up carpets, replacing a ceiling, having half the plumbing replaced, you know the basics. In our small Iowa town when people ask where you live, it’s always associated with who lived there the longest. Our house is Andy’s house. We’ve talked to quite a few people who say “That was so beautiful when Andy had it.” As we pursue our DIY dream, we know that once again it will be beautiful like when it was Andy’s house.

As we DIY renovate our 1910 folk Victorian house, I'm sharing our adventures on my blog at