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Freelance graphic designer, writer and marketer.

I've versed in a lot of skills related to the Internet, Web design, Marketing Traffic and Business Growth and Sales.
I'm currently working with Move out Mates creating helpful content for tenants, landlords and property professionals in London.

Tenants and landlords frequently have heated relationships. In London, this is especially true, since the industry creates a lot of artificial friction between the two. Lack of affordable housing, high prices and dodgy regulations make it extremely hard to receive quality accomodation for sustainable price. That's why I wrote a neat and extended end of tenancy guide.
It will help tenants learn about their rights and responsibilities and take the necessary steps to protect them before the worst has happened. And should it, I've included a lot of valuable advice and resource on how to stand up to a potential dispute.

Move out Mates is a cleaning service provider in the rented properties niche. When leased houses change their tenants a proper cleaning is required. Since it takes a lot of time to deep clean an entire flat and do it good enough to pass the standards, a lot of leaving tenants resort to using such services on a short notice. Check what the company has to offer in the link below.