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Recently I found out I really enjoy building, creating things. I've been attempting to build furniture from scratch and I love it. Finding Ana's website was a blessing. She makes it so easy. Keeping myself busy keeps my mind pre-occupied and from wandering . Makes me think that life really isn't too bad if I just try and find ways to enjoy myself. I had a fortune cookie that read "look for new outlets for your own creative abilities " kinda seems fitting now, so I will try to keep doing that. I post pics of some of my projects and love to hear feedback from anyone. Good, bad or suggestions. I'll even try to make things for others if they tell me what they want. Keeps me busy and focused. Thanks to all my friends and family for being there for me. And thank you to my lovely wife dawn for always supporting me , even though sometimes I buy supplies when we don't have the money. Could be worse, I need a lot more tools to make my projects better and haven't bought them yet. Maybe someday I can afford.

So am I building furniture or am I building a better me?

Thanks for reading my ramble.