Alaska Lake Cabin

Loft Stairs - Alternating Tread Space Saving Stairs for Loft

So I commited the great sin of painting all the walls white.

Well, off white ... and in the natural light, it really looks more like the intentionally blah color of primer, shouting, repaint me!!!

Or in this case, either start the biggest sanding job of your life or learn how to do a faux wood painting technique.

But I gotta keep my poker face on and pretend I love it and be strong.  As soon as I show any doubt in my decisions, the crew will

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Insulating a Timberframe Roof Build Up

Hello, Jacob here today, with a cabin post update.

I have to admit that when we started thinking about building our cabin using a timberframe roof system, I was hesitant.  Up here in Alaska, where we have extreme cold winters, one side of your roof (especially with heat trapped at the peak) could be 100 degrees, and on the other side, it could be -60 below.  If not done right, this could become a condensation nightmare.

When it comes to building, I like to go the tried a

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Cabin Kitchen Reveal with Sources

This summer, on our free weekends, we've been working on a boat-in only project in remote Alaska.  It's a tiny house sized cabin, on a lake about two hours from our home.  

At just under 400 square feet on the main level, this project is quite a challenge - especially if multiple families are using the cabin at the same time.  That means 10-12 people need to be able to sit on the main level, eat comfortably, and there has to be enough beds for everyone.

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Designing Our Remote Alaska Lake Cabin

Thank you all for all the nice comments and likes last week!  We couldn't be more excited to have this opportunity to build a dream cabin in Alaska, share the process with you through blogging, and if that wasn't enough, get to work with DIY Network to film it all!  

When our new baby was just nine days old, we took a quick trip down to look over the property that we had just purchased, and I had not yet seen.  There was several feet of snow, so we could not find t

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