Table Saw Cart for Roll Away Workbench System

table saw stand
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Give your small tablesaw a home with this roll away cart.  This cart is designed to work with a complete workbench system - all plans available for free here.

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Roll Away Carts

The mitersaw is on a cart that pulls out.  The storage bases are carts that pull out to support your boards on either side of the miter saw.

The tablesaw is also a heavy tool.  To make it more accessible, we mounted it on a cart with locking casters.

We matched the height of the tablesaw deck to the height of the same carts that support the miter saw (and also can be used as work tables)

So the workcarts can be used as infeed, outfeed, or side feeds for the table saw.  This is a big deal when using a tablesaw as it essentially increases the size of your deck.

You can see the tablesaw cart in action here -


How to Build this Table Saw Cart

Download the cart plans here.  Then measure your table saw deck height and your feed table heights and your caster wheel heights and adjust the height of your table saw cart so the deck will work with other feed carts.