Looking to buy a table saw

Submitted by red98dawg on Mon, 08/20/2012 - 19:18

Im looking to buy a table saw someone is trying to sale for $75, Ryobi 10" basic. It is about 10 years old, need advice. Is this worth it or should I look newer?


Mon, 09/03/2012 - 04:12

My Chop saw is 15 years old and works fine. Personally if I were investing in a table saw I would go with a new one. You can get a really fine saw for not much more than you are spending now. Just stay with name brands and remember the safety gear - Mucho Importante...Also you will need something of equal height or close to accept the long boards or sheets that you may run through the saw. For now my desire is to upgrade my chop saw to a compound miter sliding saw. With regard to safety I suggest that if children or inexperienced people might have access to your saw set it up so that you have to go through at least two or more steps (plugs, separate power switch, removable kill device, etc.) before power goes to the saw. I also have a red light in my garage that is on when there is power surging to tools.

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