furring strips v weather shield pressure treated wood

I've never build anything, but think it's a great idea to get my feet wet with the simple modern outdoor sectional.
Do I buy "weather shield" pressure treated 1x4' or furring strips.
I guess, the real question is; can i get away with furring strips? If so, anything to consider.
I thank you!


Mon, 08/18/2014 - 13:48

Generally the rule of thumb for outside is that it should be either redwood or pressure treated.. That said, pressure treated is a chemically treated wood. Also, it generally isn't supposed to be finished (painted or stained) for about a year. If you are only just starting out, the biggest question would then be, do you think you are going to do a good enough job that you want it to last several years, or do you think you are going to want to try something again in a year or so when you have more experience building? Also, you may be able to treat it some in the finishing. A good outdoor primer and paint and varnish can probably protect it for a few years, especially if you bring it into a protected area for part of the year and make sure you keep up with it.

That being said, I am a newbie at this too and haven't actually made any outdoor furniture yet. So I am by no means an expert.

Again, you just have to decide if the additional cost is worth it to you. The furring strips will likely cause the furniture to need to be replaced sooner. But, if you think that because it's a first project you are likely to mess up (as I feel for myself) then you might want to go cheaper now and upgrade later. (keep in mind also how many amazing plans there are on here, and more to come!)