Cedar Outdoor Stools from bench

Submitted by sylvialh on Fri, 08/27/2021 - 05:21

one of my first ana white plans was a cedar outdoor table and chairs that I was never 100% happy with but never the less lasted ten years before yesterday when I decided to undo all the screws (I didn't use glue on this one and it wasn't a kreg project - probably why I wasn't happy with it!).

I transformed those simple benches and table into four stools (varying heights for various members of the family) as well as a cedar planter. So the wood was 100% from the previous project so there is a lot of variance in the stain.

I sort of merged the adirondack stool and the farmhouse counter stool patterns as I didn't do both a bevel and a mitre cut I just a 5 degree mitre for the legs.

I used 1x3 and 1x4 for the legs and joined them together to make an L (I saw this on another brag post on the site) because I wanted to reuse the wood that I had leftover from the bench.

I put together the entire project using glues and brad nails but I will be adding some extra screws for longevity.

for the top, I took a 1x4 and traced a slight angle out of the top based on that of another stool I had and cut it out with a jig saw, to make the seat a bit more comfortable than the flat seat on the farmhouse stools. They are very comfortable and this was such an easy mod!