Child's Rainbow Rocker toy

Submitted by jennibee on Wed, 06/10/2015 - 17:18

I originally found this on a Pinterest link. The DIY'er kindly blogged instructions as well as a template file for the side pieces. This is a child's rocker toy that uses non toxic food dye for the colored parts of the wood. A template is provided for the end pieces through a link provided or you can just eyeball your own. Overall, it is a fairly easy project but a bit time consuming.

When cutting out the template for the sides, it is best to cut the smaller holes first and the do the larger outer lines.

I used a Kreg's jig, Mitre saw, Jig saw, and a palm sander.

Estimated Cost
Estimated cost was around 50 dollars for the birch plywood end pieces and the inner poplar wood. Included in this cost was the two boxes of non toxic food dye and a box of Kreg's screws.
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Birch and Poplar
Finish Used
I use non toxic food dye/rubbing alcohol for the inner slats and MinWax polyacrylic for the end birch pieces.

A note about the food dyed wood: I used about 20 drops of food dye per 1/4 to 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol and applied with a foam applicator. You have to be careful of what you lean your wood up against or it will create a line as the dye leeches out onto the other object. If I had to do it over again, I would have painted one side, let completely dry and then do the other side.

Since it is a child's toy, consider that you will need to sand, sand, and sand the side pieces very smooth to make sure little hands do not get splintered.
Recommended Skill Level


Pam the Goatherd

Fri, 06/12/2015 - 10:56

I've had this pinned on my board for a while now. Glad to see someone else has made it. I'm not in a hurry since my kids are all grown but no grandchildren yet. Someday I'll have a need to make it.


Mon, 11/23/2015 - 07:17

Hi there. Thank you for the comment. My children are still using this. One thing I endede up learning is that the food dye needs to be sealed. I plan on using beeswax or something more natural to do it. If you don't, the color rubs off on the kids when they use it. :)


Thu, 12/24/2020 - 12:45

Lianna, Hi there. Just saw this. For some reason, the link to the template I had on here is gone. So I did a google search and found this one:

Or you can go here:

You will have to have it enlarged. I got mine done at a local office supply store that could make larger engineer sized prints. I prefer to enlarge the entire print instead of printing off multiple sheets and taping it together.

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