Custom Rustic King Bed

Submitted by jhavinga on Wed, 01/14/2015 - 14:55

My wife is always annoyed with me. I make something for our home, and a few months later I decide I dont like it and want something better! I sold our 5th bed set months ago (Farmhouse Bed made through Ana White) and have been sleeping on the floor for the last few months.. Figured it was time to create something I wouldnt sell! Took some plan ideas from the Farmhouse King Bed Plans and came up with something a little more extravagent.

Hopefully I dont sell this one.

Estimated Cost
$350 With Reclaimed Wood, Im sure much cheaper with HD Wood.
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used
For the Pine. used my favourite combo; Weathered Oak and Special Walnut.
For the Fir and Cedar I just sanded.
Recommended Skill Level



Thu, 01/15/2015 - 05:06

Thanks thewoodbuilder, its super easy and you could probably figure it out just by looking at it. =)
I extended the legs 2" past top of footboard, and 4" past top of headboard with caps on top. And layed 1x4 vertically over top of the 1x6 planks, and horizontally across the top of both foot and head board.



Wed, 01/21/2015 - 20:47

This bed is gorgeous!!!! If you don't mind I have a couple of questions... For your stain combo of Weathered Oak and Special Walnut do you layer the weathered oak, wipe it off then apply special walnut? Or do you mix the two stains? Your footboard looks taller than the plan calls for , did you make it higher , if so by how much? And what dimensions are your footboard posts? This seriously is an amazing build. Great job!

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Fri, 01/23/2015 - 14:04

Thank you! I don't mind at all. =)
The stains I do seperataely. I start with weathered oak and let sit for 15min, wipe off. Than do special walnut right after for 15min than wipe off. I repeat this until I like my color. From the farmhouse plans I really only took the planking idea and how to attach planking section to legs. The foot board is higher by 11" while the headboard posts are higher by 10".

The posts are reclaimed fir 6x6's. Thank again very much tracygator! Its a super easy design! if you have any other questions just let me know. =)



Sat, 05/23/2015 - 20:13

Do you have any other pictures of the side rails? I'm curious how you did them? Specifically, how did you mount them to the head and footboard?