Dress-up Storage finally!

Submitted by tannisg on Wed, 08/03/2011 - 17:10

I made this for my girls' huge collection of dress-up clothes. I had to modify the plans a little to fit more costumes, and also to try to fit the longer length. I was hoping the longer dresses would hang without filling the bottom quite so much, but to make it tall enough for that the little one wouldn't have been able to reach the hanger bar.

I ended up with 4 foot boards all around - 6 pieces of 1x12 cut to 4 feet long, including the shelf at the top.

The eight year old cut the letters out of scrapbook paper and we glued them on with elmers glue then varnished over it.

All in all it looks great and holds 4 big plastic totes worth of dress-up (11 Halloweens/4 little girls/5 flower girl dresses and miscellaneous other outfits).

Now I'm just hoping they'll learn to use hangers and it will stay neat and tidy!

Construction was very easy and went well - took us longer to shop than it did to build!

Painting on the other hand took a long time, mostly just to wait between coats. I used spray paint and some polyurethane to gloss it up.

Estimated Cost
Type of Wood
Finish Used
spray paint, polyurethane
Recommended Skill Level