Eagle Project Workbench - Ultimate Roll Away Workbench with Miter Saw Stand

Submitted by nelsoncc on Mon, 10/18/2021 - 11:32

My son chose to make a workbench for his high school theater for his Eagle Scout project, and selected the Ultimate Roll Away Workbench with Miter Saw Stand as the basis for the project. The theater teacher wanted pegboard for tool storage, so we extended the rear legs on each workbench and notched the top to allow them to pass through. We built two frames from 1x3s to fit inside the rear legs, then put a pegboard inside each one.

To secure the extended legs, we added a riser shelf from 1x8s. We put a storage station for drills at one end of the riser shelf.

We also made all the cart shelves adjustable and added an adjustable shelf under the miter saw, and added lighting and power strips.

We left out the panels at the end of the workbench to allow access to the shelves there without having to remove the carts. Once we had constructed it, we added a brace at each end of the workbench to better support the outside front legs.

This plan was the perfect one for the theater, giving a stable work area for the miter saw and allowing for tool and materials storage. The carts can be rolled around to where a work surface is needed. This will come in handy for years of set construction in the theater. So proud of my son and all the leadership and hard work he put into this project!