Entertainment Console- Need space for all those streaming devices?

I have a bunch of those streaming boxes, Apple Tv, Roku, a game console and from what I can tell, there is no entertainment console out there that accommodates them very well, so I made my own. I also have a bunch of retro cassettes and CD's that I wanted to display (the cassettes more for nostalgic reasons) and of course vinyl! so I made this very unique console to accommodate everything. The streaming boxes, karaoke, wifi box, game console all get there own little boxes which keeps them all able to connect easily the remotes and all the wires stay hidden in the back. I also put some light strips on it for some additional night time fun! I made this out of a material called Whitewood, which I've found here at Home Depot in Canada. Its really really cost effective and the boards are easy to work with and are nice and straight! Thank you Ana for giving me the confidence to design my own unique project!