Great Console Table - Easy Build

Submitted by Jake on Sun, 11/25/2012 - 10:02

I wanted a side table that was not too wide to fit under a window and the Tryde Console Table really fit the bill. I built it exactly to the plan dimensions but I altered the process a little.

1. First I built the leg assemblies including the side apron, top leg support, and the bottom stretcher. I used PH screws for the side apron and bottom stretch.
2. Then I attached the two leg assemblies together with the front and back aprons and the bottom stretcher.
3. Separately I constructed the top including the breadboards using PH screws. The tabletop boards are connected to the breadboards with eight PH screws each. The table boards are held together with PH screws.
4. Once the initial sanding and staining was completed I attached the top to the bottom assembly using eight screws through the tabletop supports from the bottom and then eight screws through the top into the top leg supports. Note I did not attach the breadboards directly to the legs as instructed as they are secured to the top with the PH screws. I can always add the screws later if necessary.

Instead of countersinking the screws to the top leg supports I used black (3 1/2 ") PH screws and let the screws remain visible on the top of the table. I think it looks nice and sort of industrial.
5. Then final staining, rubdowns, and touch-ups.

Note: I did not glue the top to the base just so repairs will be easy to make should over time the boards warp or crack. Just remove the eight top screws and lift the top off, make the fix, and screw it back on..

It took a couple of days but it is worthwhile spending the time for accurate measurements, squaring, and finishing. The results are first-class.

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
About $30
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Minwax red mahogany. I applied the stain, waited five minutes and wiped it off. Then after it was dry I rubbed it with 000 steel wool and repeated the staining, waiting, and steel wooling process three times. Final rubdowns were with an old clean t-shirt. Really nice deep and slightly shiny result. PS : I did use the wood conditioner before beginning the staining process.
Recommended Skill Level

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