Kentwood bookshelf

I built this using the Kentwood bookshelf plans as a guide. I made my shelves 3 ft wide and made it aprox. 8 ft tall. I also bought the KREG shelf pin jig and built the shelves to be adjustable. I haven't chosen a finish yet because I am waiting for my son to pick a color since it is going in his room. I am considering fixing a shelf in place and building some doors for the bottom. I worked on this over a week span, however I could only do bits and pieces at a time. The sanding took longer than the build because I plugged the pocket holes and they take longer to sand down.

Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used
None yet, but i'm thinking painting everything except the back (possibly grey) and staining the wood a dark color.
Recommended Skill Level