Modern Farmhouse Collection Inspired Shoe Bench

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For this project I was really inspired by the Modern Farmhouse Collection. I've learned so much from this site over the past couple of month, and this was my first build I designed entirely by myself. I got a free trial to SketchUp and went to work. As inspiration from the Modern Farmhouse collection, I used 2x2's to mirror the detailing on the end panels. The long edge measures 5 feet, the shorter edge measures 3 feet, and the seats are about 20 inches deep. For the shorter bench seat that goes into the corner, I added hinges in the back to make it easier to access things that can get lost in the back corner. For this project, I used a 4'x8' purebond birch plywood, 2x3's, 2x2's and 1x6's. Because birch plywood tends to be really blotchy when stained, I used Varathane pre-stain conditioner, and a gel stain. The color came out really even.

Estimated Cost
Type of Wood
Birch Plywood, 2x3's, 2x2's 1x6's.
Finish Used
Varathane Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner
Varathane Gel Stain in Kona
Varathane Ultimate Polyurethane in Satin

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