Modified Jr. Loft Bed

We loved the idea of the Jr. Loft Bed, but made some modifications to fit our needs.

-I didn't really feel the 2x6 railing was needed, so to cut costs, we used all 2x4s. On the end, I put two 2x4s one on top of the other to keep the mattress from sliding off the ladder side.

-Height was a concern for me as my kids are 4 & 2. So I lowered the overall height by about a foot. 54in is the height. Since we are putting my youngest on the bottom (on the floor) we made sure she had enough head room.

-We wanted this to be STURDY and reversible. So we added bottom supports on both long sides to ensure that the frame wasn't going to move. We also added six 2x4 supports under the mattress on the top. I can climb up there to tuck in sheets with no problem.

-We skipped the stairs & landing. I didn't want my kids to be playing on the bed. So we skipped the stairs and just built a ladder into the frame instead.

This was a fairly easy build. We previously built a HUGE Ana White Table. And I felt like I was kreg jigging for DAYS. This was only a few hours of cutting, sanding, kreg jigging, and a simple put together. Staining took the longest! It's a great bed and we're so excited it's finished!

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
We used Minwax Polyshades. Classic Oak Gloss. 2 coats.
Recommended Skill Level

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