How to Store Water Bottles - Under $10 Ideas!

Submitted by Ana White on Mon, 07/17/2023 - 11:38

Are water bottles driving you crazy?  Do you cram them in a cabinet, dig through to find your favorite one, just for all the water bottles to fall over?  

Here's our favorite under $10 ways to get your water bottles organized!

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Best for Countertop and In Cabinet - Water Bottle Storage Rack

water bottle storage rack

Image Credit: Ana White

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Skill Level: Beginner - Great First Project
Tools Needed: Tape Measure, Saw, Drill, Safety Glasses
Materials: 1x2, 1x6, self tapping screws or brad nails


Fully customize-able in size, this budget friendly DIY water bottle storage rack is paintable or stainable, so you can make it beautiful in your space!  We love it stained up with designer water bottles (that all match, of course)!  Can also be customized in size to fit inside a cabinet.  Build it yourself for under $10 in materials.





Best if You Have a Pantry Door - Hanging Organizer

water bottle storage ideas

Image Credit: Ana White

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Skill Level: Beginner
Tools Needed: No Tools Needed
Materials: Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

If you have a pantry door inside your kitchen, hang a shoe organizer on the back of the door.  These organizers cost less than $10, and can hold up to 24 water bottles!  We love the option of storing lids with the water bottles.  

TIP: Buy a hanging organizer with big pockets at the bottom to hold lids, straws, and gallon jugs.





Best Solution if You Have a Large, Deep Drawer

water bottles stored in drawer

Image Credit: Ana White

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Skill Level: Beginner 
Tools Needed: Tape Measure, Saw
Materials: Plastic C Channel, Mounting Tape, 1/2" Thick Wood Pieces

If you have a large, roomy drawer, this is the best way to organize water bottles - it keeps the water bottles low and easy to access for kids, you can add in space for storing lids, and you can customize the divider placement to fit your water bottle heights.

TIP: Store the water bottles flat, instead of upright, so you can fit tall water bottles in a standard drawer.

But drawer dividers can be so expensive!  This tutorial shows you how to make your own damage free, custom sized drawer dividers on a budget.





For Just a Few Water Bottles

storing water bottles in magazine file

Image Credit: Ana White

Skill Level: Beginner  
Tools Needed: None
Materials: WIDE Plastic Magazine File Folder

Here's a quick and easy way to store those water bottles!  Turn a magazine file folder on it's side.  TIP: Make sure it is a WIDE magazine file holder, as the narrow ones only fit our slim water bottles.


How to Store Water Bottles - Under $10 Ideas!