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I'm not a contractor, but an acting teacher by profession. I started out in Chicago, moved to New York for school, then LA, and a handful of countries in-between. Woodworking & metalworking has been a hobby & a passion since I can remember. Growing up in Southern Illinois, it's not about who you know, it's about what you know how to do.

After LA, I then moved to the Philippines in order to open the first acting school based on Meisner, Stanislavski, and Chekhov methods named Actor's Studio East. I was thrilled! No more working for other schools; Starting my own & doing it how I feel it should be done.

Then came the construction of the school.....500 pesos labor daily ($10 USD)? Awesome....until I found out that these contractors seem to think a wrench, a ratchet, and the back of an impact drill are all great substitutes for a hammer! So, after hiring and firing contractors, I decided to get back to my roots & not only teach, but complete my school side-by-side. Talk about a busy schedule!

I've looked for several different sites with plans/projects, and at times, they're really helpful, but I prefer to find a design I like, and tweak it :D. Sure, you'll mess up the dimensions from time to time, but if you don't, what are you really learning? Part of my teaching incorporates the age-old value of learning from your mistakes, and I always value that in my woodworking/metalworking...Just not with expensive lumber :-D

Most of the things I build are useful rather than for aesthetic purposes, but sometimes I get a little crazy & do both. So, if there's any questions on anything I upload, feel free to ask. I may still have the dimensions...if not, guesstimate is the name of the game :D