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custom diy pantry freestanding
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Build your own custom pantry shelf and customize it for your needs.  

Food ... it is a revolving storage and organization challenge that we all deal with.  A pantry is a must in new homes.  But what happens if you don't have an adequate pantry?

My friend and co-worker Jen, who considers herself a beginner woodworker, solved it by building her own custom sized freestanding pantry!

diy pantry cabinet

Build Video: Watch it Happen!

Jen was kind enough to film all the steps, so you can watch how she made this happen.  Here's the build video for this custom freestanding pantry:


Plan and Product Links

Ready to tackle your own pantry project?  Here's the links for all the different DIYS and containers/bins:

Good luck with your project!  And a huge thank you to Jen for making this project happen and taking the time to share each step with us.





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Custom Freestanding Pantry from Shelf Help