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DIY Lemonade Stand - Easy and Cheap! From Ana-White.com

Happy Friday!

Thank Gracie for this project!

She's be asking for a lemonade stand for a couple of years, but by the time I make the time to build one for her, our Alaska summers are already over!

So this year, I decided to make her a lemonade stand, but it would have to be quick, cheap and easy in order for me to get it done for her to use over the summer.

Well, it doesn't get much quicker and cheaper and easier than this lemonade stand!  I spent $25 on all new materials (if you have any scrap boards or pallet boards, you could make this for pretty much nothing), and it took me about 20 minutes to build.  

Here's how I did it -

I basically cut the 1x12 in half and the fence pickets into thirds.  This reduces scrap waste.  

Then I stapled 2 of the cut fence pickets to the ends of each of the 1x12s.  This was actually the hardest step working by myself (hubs was taking care of the baby) - if you can get an extra hand to hold the board (no near the stapler) while you staple (or nail) it will really help.  You can also use small screws here, just be careful not to split your wood out.  

Once the ends were done, I just layed the remaining fence picket boards out on top - I liked the uneven gaps so I didn't even measure or evenly space the boards.  

Then I just stapled all those boards down.

I basically just made a big crate.

Then I attached 1x3s to the sides, and cut the remaining fence picket to the sign size, and stapled it to the 1x3s.  

I stained it using RustOleum Wood Stain in Carrington.  It's a one step - you just brush on and wipe off, so the staining part went quick too!

For the signs, we used scrap boards (this is a 1x6).  Grace wanted to work on part of the project, so I tasked her with the "Pink" sign.  It's pretty cute!

I purchased a bunting banner off Etsy to dress up the front, isn't it cute?

Open for business!!!!  

Of course, you could personalize or customize this basic stand to be a puppet show or bake sale stand, or just about anything you could imagine!  The big girls in this photo are 7, and the little one is 4 - so plenty of room to grow with your kiddos too!

Hope you like it as much as these little ladies do!

Of course, plans follow!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

XO Ana + Family

Dimensions shown above


Shopping List

1 - 1x12 @ 8 feet long
5 - 5-1/2" wide x 72" long fence pickets (dog eared are fine)
1 - 1x3 @ 10 feet long
1-1/4" staples or nails, screws for attaching sign

Cut List

2 - 1x12 @ 46"
12 - 5-1/2" wide fence pickets @ 23-1/2"
2 - 1x3 @ 60"

Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Circular Saw
Staple Gun
General Instructions

Please read through the entire plan and all comments before beginning this project. It is also advisable to review the Getting Started Section. Take all necessary precautions to build safely and smartly. Work on a clean level surface, free of imperfections or debris. Always use straight boards. Check for square after each step. Always predrill holes before attaching with screws. Use glue with finish nails for a stronger hold. Wipe excess glue off bare wood for stained projects, as dried glue will not take stain. Be safe, have fun, and ask for help if you need it. Good luck!


Step 1

Nail or staple or screw 2 boards to each end of the 1x12s to create a box shape.

Step 2

Attach remaining fence picket boards to front.

Step 3

I used screws (removeable for storage) to attach the sign legs to the 1x12 ends.

Step 4

I stapled the top sign to the 1x3s - cutting to fit. I attached at an angle on purpose. I saved the scraps to make the smaller signs.