Small Gable Roof Greenhouse

small greenhouse plans
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Detailed plans for a small gable roof style greenhouse.

Building your own greenhouse is possible!  For about $1000 - roughly 1/3 the cost of purchasing a greenhouse kit (that you still have to build anyways) we were able to help our uncle build a new greenhouse!

greenhouse plans

We are THRILLED with how this one turned out!  

greenhouse raised beds

It is a JOY to walk inside this little greenhouse.  

You can watch us build it in this video:

For this plan, we created a premium version that is very detailed (and took alot of time to create) that you can find here.

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Mon, 07/20/2020 - 09:41

Hi Ana!
Thanks so much for these plans as I've been pulling my hair out looking for something that would work for me....this appears to be it.
I'm a complete novice at building things but you've given me confidence that I can do it!
Here's my question (novice - remember?):
I won't need to put in raised beds, so is this plan easily adaptable to put in shelves and a work table?

Thanks in advance.