Momplex Kitchen Reveal

Submitted by Ana White on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 10:04


Remember the Momplex kitchen?

Well, it now looks like this:

We've been keeping quiet about just how busy we've been so that we could suprise Mom with a move-in ready kitchen.  

And since Mom reads the blog (thanks Mom!) we haven't been able to share our progress with you until she saw it first in person.

When Mom walked up the stairs and saw her brand new kitchen, handmade by her family from scratch, all those years of hard work and meticulous attention to details and quality, were so so so worth it.

So worth it.

Thank you for supporting us from the start, being paitient with us as this project ended up taking much longer than expected, and continuing to encourage and inspire us as we slowly, one board at a time, have built this Momplex.  We are very grateful.

Things do tend to take quite a bit longer when you DIY every single step ... yes, we built those cabinets from scratch, one cabinet at a time.  We made the countertops ourselves, hooked up all the plumbing and electrical and appliances ... come to think of it, the only thing in this photo with no DIYing at all is plugging in the coffee maker!

And although it's been a huge amount of hard work, we are very thankful to have had an opportunity to give Mom a nice spot to make coffee every morning.  Thank you, thank you.

DIYing does come with perks too ...

In my own kitchen at home, boxing in the fridge cost about $1500 with store bought cabients, and dang it, it still doesn't look right because a few screws are showing from assembly finished cabients, and there's a big gap between the fridge and the upper cabinet.

Our DIY boxed in fridge cost about $150, and it's finished completely, fit perfect for Mom's fridge.  We could never afford to box in fridges for both Moms without DIYing it.

Same with the dishwasher - the space is pretty small, so we had to end with a dishwasher.  I'll show you exactly how we did this in future posts, but that dishwasher end panel is baiscally a piece of plywood with a 1x2 on the front.  It's sturdy and supports the countertop, and finishes out the end of the kitchen very nicely.

I'll be following up with more detailed posts over the next few weeks (including details on costs), as it is impossible for me to put everything into one post.  

For now, I'll leave you with a few more photos ...

Welcome home, Mom!!!