DIY Dishwasher End Panel

Submitted by Ana White on Thu, 12/19/2013 - 10:56

diy dishwasher end panel

So what the heck do you do when you build a kitchen, and there just isn't enough space to add another cabinet on the other side of the dishwasher? How do you support the countertop over the dishwasher without a cabinet on either side of the dishwasher?

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Dishwasher End Panel

Step 1 Diagram
Step 1

This is what we did -

Step 2 Diagram
Step 2 Instructions

We took a piece of plywood and cut it to the height of all the other cabinets (standard 34-1/2") and depth of the cabinets (without the face frames, so for us 22-1/2" wide)

Step 3 Diagram
Step 3 Instructions

And then we screwed a 1x2 to the front of that piece of plywood. We used pocket holes from the insides, but you could also nail or staple it on.

Step 4 Diagram
Step 4 Instructions

And we made a dishwasher end panel!

But now we have to attach that end panel to the wall, floor, and the sink base cabinet at the right distance away to fit a dishwasher inside.

Step 5 Diagram
Step 5 Instructions

So we took some scrap plywood strips (carefully measured to allow for a 24" wide opening for the dishwasher), and attached to the back of the panel, on the inside.

Step 6 Diagram
Step 6 Instructions

I tell you ... we need a local chapter of Overbuilders Anonomous.

Step 7 Diagram
Step 7 Instructions

The panel with the back pieces fits next to the sink base, kept the right space from the sink base by the plywood back strips. We screw through the back strips into studs in the wall.

Step 8 Diagram
Step 8 Instructions

Then we attached the plywood strips to the sink base cabinet with pocket hole screws.

Step 9 Diagram
Step 9 Instructions

And finally, attached to the floor as well - very carefull as there is a heated floor down there!

Step 10 Diagram
Step 10 Instructions

Now we just need to build that countertop ....

Step 11 Diagram
Step 11

And throw a dishwasher in and it's a done deal!!!

We can't wait to share how we boxed the fridge in too, and built wall cabinets - coming up next!

Stay warm this Holiday season!

XO Ana

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Tue, 09/22/2020 - 06:01

Thank you, I have a question for you, on the top front part of this encasement, what supports the granite top? Better yet, what would support a granite top over the top front of dishwasher area?


Wed, 02/09/2022 - 21:51

The panel itself, being 3/4" plywood, along with the vertical facing will support the countertop. You will most likely have a substrate(plywood or particle board) that will support the granite as well.