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Build a Simple Nightstand

Simple nightstands that can be made from scraps. Uses a simple wood drawer and easy false legs. From Crissie at, a nightstand made from these plans!

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The Favorite Bookshelf

This is what I give you. A rough plan, one of my very first, of one of my very favorite pieces. Something about being tall and slim, but functional, with shelving at eye height, makes this particular sized bookshef an instant favorite. I've made more than a few of this design . . . but NONE of them looked like this . . . And this is what you build!

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Wine Cabinet Hutch with Stemware Holders

I built this wine cabinet for some friends on their wedding day and still really love it! Don't try this as a beginner, but if you want an inexpensive method of storing wine and wine glasses, this might just be your plan.

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Big X Wine Cabinet Base

I would never have dreamed that we could bring a wine cabinet and hutch, solid wood, to a wedding as a gift for friends, before I learned building is easy. We went to a Halloween Party at our friends Ross and Brandy's new house, and took this picture of the wine cabinet I made them for their wedding. I am really happy with how it turned out, the picture is not the best, and I hope you can see how nice this piece turned out. I actually did a double take when I saw it!

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