Octagon Picnic Table

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 06/09/2016 - 04:59

Was a good project that I built for my son's new home.

I found a few errors in the instructions such as:

A) 2 - 2x4 @ 30 1/2 should be 30 1/4

B) 8 - 2x6 @ 32 15/16 both ends at 30 degrees off square, parallel to each other) should be cut at 34 15/16 blank sizes then cut the angles to acheive the finish size of 32 15/16

C) 8 - 2x6 @ 36 3/4 (both ends at 90 degrees off square, parrallel to each other) should be (both ends at 22 1/2 degrees off square, NOT parrrallel to each other)

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Dark Walnut Stain, Urethane Top Coat
Recommended Skill Level

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