15 BEST DIY Closet Designs

We've compiled 15 of the best closet designs on the internet! Whether you're doing a closet upgrade, creating a built in or freestanding closet, we have you covered with our free plans! Some of these are complete closet organization plans and some can be mixed and matched to fit your needs. 



1. Horizontal Closet Organizer

horizontal closet organizer

This horizontal closet organizer is easy to build and easily customizable for any size closet. We've created a new sister site at shelfhelpnow.com with a helpful shelf configurator. We created Shelf Help in hopes to help you, in designing your own furniture!



2. Freestanding Wood Closet Shelving

Freestanding wood closet shelves

One of our most popular freestanding closet plans! This free plan is beginner friendly, all that is needed to build this wood closet system is a saw and a drill. It's easy to modify for any space and can be built in just a few hours using standard lumber. Please share your version if you do build it!



3. Custom Full Width Kid's Closet Organizer

Kids custom closet organizer

We've raised this closet organizer up off the floor to create extra storage underneath. Easily store toys, out of season clothing, laundry, in this added space. Using just 3/4" plywood or the help from Shelf Help with the self configurator tool, design and create the perfect closet storage solution with zero waste!



4. Room Divider Closet

Room divider closet

This room divider closet is the perfect solution for a room without a closet! This closet divider acts as a wall, as well as a closet, adding privacy and tons of extra storage! It gives the feeling of a walk in closet, without having a walk in closet! We have the free plans!



5. Just My Size Closet

just my size closet

Build a closet organizer that is perfect for your specific needs and wants. With adjustable shelves, room to hang clothes and extra shelving storage, create a custom solution easily and affordably. We love that this is a closet organizer that can grow with the user by simply adjusting the heights of the shelves and closet rods as needed!



6. Floating Hidden Closet

floating hidden closet

We love this clever closet solution hidden right inside a floating shelf! You don't lose the function of the floating shelf, but you gain a smart storage solution! This hidden closet can be customized for any length wall! Use it in a bedroom to hang tomorrows outfit, or in the laundry room, a small entry way, a room with no closet, guest room, bathroom, the options are endless! Check out our free plans!



7. Laundry Basket Closet

laundry basket closet

This freestanding laundry basket closet, may be the perfect solution for a room without a closet or a laundry room. It makes it easy to separate laundry, hang dry, or just everyday closet needs! Beginner friendly and easily customizable to fit any size laundry basket.



8. Slide out Closet for Tiny House

slide out closet tiny house

We had to think outside of the box for this tiny closet. Challenged with a tiny house build and small space using every inch, I came up with this solution to add a slide out hanging closet space in the bathroom. 



9. Master Closet Tower

closet tower

Adding a closet tower is an easy way to add a ton of extra storage to a closet. This is perfect for a long narrow closet or a walk in closet, or one on each side. This is easy to customize and to add a hanging option to each side, it's easy to incorporate more than one tower for additional storage. 



10. Master Closet Tower System

master closet tower system

This freestanding master closet system will work if there is an existing closet or no closet at all! This closet system integrates extra shoe storage as well as drawers and hanging space! Easy to modify for your space and needs!



11. Wall Mounted Closet Tower

wall mounted closet tower

Here is another closet plan that is easy to customize to fit any closet opening! It includes adjustable shelves and extra hanging space. We used Shelf Help to design it. This is a beginner friendly project to help get the closet organized. Check out our free plans and our Shelf Help configurator to get started!



12. Dress Up Closet

dress up closet

We love the simplicity of this dress up closet plan, it's great for a beginner woodworker! Add a mirror or hooks to the sides and have fun with your stain or paint choice. Customize it by adding a child's name or as seen here with "dress up"! This is a great way to teach kids to hang up their own clothes or costumes, it would also make a great gift for a child who loves dress up, or just to simply add extra closet storage to a child's room! Photo by Craftiness is Not Optional



13. Shoe Shrine Organizer

shoe organizer for closet

Closet shoe storage that is easy to customize for your shoes and boots. Build it taller or wider, larger or smaller, great for an entry way closet, freestanding closet, walk-in closet or standard closet! Reader submitted photo.



14. Laundry Basket Organizer

laundry basket organizer

Integrate a laundry basket dresser into a closet as seen here in this reader submitted photo, or build to stand alone! Great laundry organization for a laundry room, closet or bedroom! Double up or go vertical with it, check out the brag posts on the plan link to see what others have done!



15. Closet for Tiny Loft

closet for tiny house loft

Another tiny house closet plan, built into the loft. A great way to add ample storage in a small space with low ceilings! 



16. French Cleat Modular Closet System

modular closet french cleat closet system

Easy to build, easy to hang, custom fit for your space and needs.  Free build plans for five different modular closet organizers. By using different organizers, you can create the closet of your dreams!  




15 BEST DIY Closet Designs