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I am a full-time working wife and mother of two. A 9 yr old daughter and a 4 yr old son. I attend online classes for a BBA in Operations Management. My husband and I do all of our own home improvements with the exception of our roof and vinyl fencing [didn't have time]. I work on my own cars and even have a project car in process. My husband and I do everything together. We work together in and out of the home. Most people thing we're crazy because no one believes we can spend virtually every minute together and still get along very well. My husband is the "neat freak" and I am the "clean freak" as far as our home is concerned. It works for us. He picks it up, I scrub it. ☺ Our entire upstairs [story and a half home] is for our 2 kids. That part of the house is almost always a disaster. They can have fun without worrying about keeping mom n dad happy by keeping things neat and tidy. It's not something they need to worry about constantly. We do however require they keep up after themselves on the "adult" floor. I put that in quotes just because it's a family living space, but that is what people see all the time. So we like it neat and clean.

Wow. I am rambling.
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