2x4 Outdoor Sofa

Submitted by Ana White on Sat, 03/16/2019 - 13:11
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Build your own outdoor sofa with just 11 2x4s.  Ana White plans include step by step diagrams and shopping and cut list.

We also have a plans to convert this sofa to an outdoor sectional, a matching outdoor coffee table plan, and outdoor wood finishing secrets.

outdoor sofa sectional made from 2x4s with blue cushions
outdoor sofa stained chocolate brown with white cushions and matching coffee table

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Build your own outdoor sofa!  You'll just need some 2x4s and screws!  This plan uses standard 24" x 24" "Deep Seat" cushions, available at most retailers, like these from Target.

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2X4 Outdoor Sofa

dimensions diagram for outdoor sofa
Dimensions shown above. Recommend: Build to suit cushions


Shopping List
Cut List

RECOMMEND: Build to suit cushions.  

9 - 2x4 @ 72”  (or cushion width x times 3)

13 - 2x4 @ 25-1/2” (or cushion depth plus 1-1/2")

2 - 2x4 @ 28-1/2” (or cushion depth plus 4-1/2")

Tape Measure
Speed Square
Miter Saw


Step 1

Cut the seat framing boards with compound miter saw or similar.

Screw together with self tapping screws.

Step 2

Now for the arms.

Cut the boards.

Attach longer 2x4 to two of the shorter 2x4s with screws.

Step 3

Screw together with screws.

Step 4

Screw together with screws, also attach to board from step 3.

Step 5

Step 6

Attach seat boards to top of seat frame with 2-3/4" screws.

Step 7

Screw back piece at an angle into the arms with 2-3/4" screws.  You can also use pocket holes.

Step 8

Some builders add a middle row to the back/sides to help keep cushions in line.


judie h

Tue, 06/30/2020 - 20:32

I am new to this site but I don't see replies to questions posted and why is an escort service post allowed? Very odd. Is this site professionally managed? I am doubting these plans and see lots of potential holes in the engineering especially if there are no solutions or replies to the followers/builders. I would rather have answers and corrected as the project is appealing but still not convinced it is worth doing.
Thanks if anyone has good answers.


Wed, 07/08/2020 - 14:07

Here in England we used pressure-treated timber wood with preservatives into the timber to protect against fungal & insect attack enhancing protection. Treating timber wood helps extend the life of this construction material, reducing the levels of upkeep and repair needed. Another important tip for you is to choose the wood that is completely straight, so I always go to pick mine, I never trusted ask for delivery when woods is involve, they can send any random and not completely straight, hope this help. Ana suggested to use a water sealer made by thompson apparently is very nice and water proof to protect the wood


Wed, 07/22/2020 - 17:54

Great simple and easy design. I tweaked it a little to make 2 smaller love seats to fit under pergola(4 feet seating). I'll definitely be using some of your plans as starting points in future. I had a harder time finding cost effective cushions than actually building pieces. Love em and thank you!!!
2x4 loveseats https://imgur.com/gallery/534Euxl


Mon, 08/17/2020 - 17:21

Hi. Just wanted to know if using pressure treated 2x4s for the seat frame and seat boards to cut the cost would be a bad idea. (They will be hidden hnder the seat cushions). Thanks


Sat, 01/02/2021 - 18:09

Hi can someone help me understand this plan.

The arm rest is 28 1/2”
And the piece that fits inside is 25 1/2”
How can this be? 4” should be used up since they are 2x4’s, meaning 2” from each end of the 28 1/2” long board.

Am I making sense?
Therefore it should be 24 1/2” board, right?


Tue, 03/02/2021 - 10:51

Great plan...so easy. I did use pocket holes instead just to give some extra strength. Anyone have trouble finding cedar boards??


Tue, 04/27/2021 - 10:32

Thank you so much, I just made this set for the backyard and we love them! Your builds are always easy to follow and beautiful.

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