Pergola Outdoor Room

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This free pergola plan features enclosed sides with built in side tables.  It's designed to become a backyard retreat, perfect with a swing, lounge chairs or a conversation set.  Free step by step pergola plans from

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Pergola Outdoor Room

dimensions for pergola


Shopping List
  • 2-1/2”, 3 -1/2” EXTERIOR DECKING SCREWS
  • 1-1/4” AND 2” 18 GAUGE STAPLES
  • 4 - 6X6 POSTS, 8 FEET LONG
  • 2 - 2X6 BOARDS, 12 FEET LONG
  • 10 - 2X6 BOARDS, 12 FEET LONG
  • 1 - 2X8 BOARD, 8 FEET LONG
  • 1 - 2X4 BOARD, 10 FEET LONG
  • 24 - 1X2 BOARDS, 10 FEET LONG
Cut List

cut list in steps


Step 1

Carefully space 6x6 posts out on a level surface, 120” apart from outside to outside. Mark 141” long rafters, 10-1/2” in from ends on each end. Predrill four holes and attach two posts with 3-1/2” long exterior decking screws. Make sure the two posts are parallel at top and bottom when you attach rafters. NOTE: If cutting decorative tails on rafters (see step 3) do this on sawhorses on the ground before attaching to pergola.

Step 2

Check to make sure your posts are parallel to each other. Then attach cross supports to posts and rafters. To attach to rafters, use 2-1/2” exterior deck screws. To attach to posts, either drill 1-1/2” pocket holes and use 2-1/2” pocket hole screws, or attach using metal brackets.

Step 3

Begin building shelves by attaching 17-1/2” 2x4s to 66” 2x6s with 2-1/2” exterior deck screws, predrilling holes, with 2 screws per joint.

Step 4

Use 3-1/2” exterior deck screws to attach shelves to posts. Predrill holes and attach through both 2x4s and 2x6s.

Step 5

Predrill holes and attach 20-1/2” long 2x6 to ends of shelf 2x6 boards with 2-1/2” exterior wood screws.

Step 6

Lay seat boards in place. Attach to 2x4 framing with 2-1/2” exterior deck screws through predrilled holes.

Step 7

Cut tails of rafters if desired I decorative pattern with jigsaw. Notch out rafters by setting saw blade depth of circular saw to 2-3/4”, and make cuts every 1/4” in the wood to be removed. Use a chisel to remove wood. TIP: Notch multiple rafters at the same time by clamping together and cutting. Mark rafters attached to top of posts for upper layer of rafters. Attach upper rafters to lower rafters with 3-1/2” screws through top. TIP: Cut a 12” scrap wood piece and use it as a spacer when attaching rafters.

Step 8

Drill (2) 1-1/2” pocket holes on each end of 2x6 boards that are 55” long. Attach to posts with 2-1/2” pocket hole screws.

Step 9

Use 2” staplers to attach vertical lattice boards to 2x6s from previous step. Start 1-1/2” offset from center and work outward. TIP: Use (2) 3” wood scrap blocks as spacers.

Step 10

Attach horizontal lattice boards to the vertical lattice boards with 1-1/4” staples. Spacing between boards is 3”.

Step 11

Trim inside edges of lattice with 2x6 boards. Attach to posts with 1-1/2” pocket holes and 2-1/2” pocket hole screws.

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Ana White

Thu, 05/08/2014 - 10:28

Hi Tracy, thank you so much for using the plans on my site. Ryobi just went through a pretty massive site redesign this last couple of weeks, and I do apologize if you encountered any bugs. Are you still having issues? I have received word that website issues have been fixed from Ryobi.

I'm glad you like the pergola! It would have been impossible for me to work on a plan this big without help (until kids grow up!) from Ryobi, but of course, I'll continue to provide as many plans as I can here locally.

Thanks so much! XO Ana


Thu, 05/08/2014 - 17:07

Working on this now.

I redesigned the Trellis and did a simple 45 degree angle cut for pergola ends to make it more my style, but overall it is an amazing project.

Issues Encountered:

1. Hard to get to the plans on Ryobi...have to search projects and find it rather than it just bring in the contest tab...

2. Nothing prints but the images. ..rather than the cut list and written directions that come when I print plans from directly...also none of the hardware is shown on the picture plans either...I figured it all out and stabilized with metal brackets after pergola was assembled. :-) def. Recommend brackets for extra stability.

3. The 87 inch length for the rafters was hidden (might have printer or my slightly comatose state due to allergies)..I didnt see it until we went to build pergola. I had cut all 10 trusses at just 8 feet... had to go back and shorten up and re notch one of the sides.

4. Placement of the hardware to hang the swing wasnt shown either. I used 4 eye bolts (one per chain with bolts that each hold 320 pounds) to disburse the weight on the board as I wasnt sure how much weight a 2x6 could handle in the center...I built the modern swing (6 foot long) instead of what was shown so whole family could sit and swing together.

I am finishing up trellis tomorrow and staining/sealing it with Restore stain in Timberline color to match the deck platform we built it on. Will post pictures after that is complete and we finish installing the flagstone patio in front of pergola. :-)