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I am a working dad of a family of 7. All my children are girls. I am responsible for making sure my girls have the right furniture in each of their rooms to maximize and utilize the vertical space in each of their rooms. We need as much available floor space as possible in our home and money is always tight. With hope, will help us with this.

My wife is enrolled in a "Mommy & Me" mother's group for kids to get together and play and I am responsible for making sure they and their guests' children have appropriate toys play on. We usually save money and purchase things as we can on our list of priorities, but with hope, will speed our ability to put all the right toys in our yard.

Having looked around there are many projects that interest me and I am looking forward to getting my older children involved in beginners projects and, hoping once again that we can progress to more challenging and rewarding ones together. We will post all of our projects in "the Brags."