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Submitted by Ana White on Thu, 01/20/2011 - 21:55
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These little guys can be both a nightstand or side bases to form an entire media wall. Features large interior with optional shelf, open base for air circulation, ideal for storing just about anything.


If you are getting frustrated with the technical issues of the site, first of all, let me say, I am so sorry and I promise, I am doing everything I can, day and night - to accommodate the needs of our growing site.  And let me also say, I'm just as frustrated, and found myself in tears yesterday after the migration turned up no thumbnails.

Hours later, still no thumbnails.

Hours later on the phone with technical support, still no thumbnails.

Hours later, we've got thumbnails, but we're back to the shared site.  Sign.

So what's a gal to do when she's stressed out?

I tell  you there are few things more stress relieving than a good ole hammer and nails.  Or an old school sanding block.

And a big ole project . . .

a big BIG ole project.  Productive therapy.

There's something about working hard and seeing actual results - not cross your fingers and hope this works results - that makes you feel satisfied and encouraged inside.

I'm not really sure how I ended up with two pieces that look like they should be nightstands from Crate and Barrel, but I'll take it.  And if you need end tables, nightstands . . . or have a free weekend, and need super storage in your family room, I'm so happy to share this plan with you.

Dimensions are shown above.


Shopping List

Shopping List (for ONE nightstand/side base cabinet)

1×12 @ 8 feet long
2 – 2×2 @ 8 feet long
1 – 1×2 @ 6 feet long
1 – 1×3 @ 8 feet long
1/4″ up to 3/4″ plywood scrap, (1×16 scrap would be great) 16 3/8″ long
1 set of euro style inset hinges OR basic hinges
handle or nob
2 1/2″ screws, 1 1/4″ finish nails or screws or pocket hole screws
finishing supplies including wood glue and wood filler, paint and primer, or stain

Common Materials
120 grit sandpaper
wood conditioner
paint brush
Cut List

2 – 1×12 @ 19 1/2″ (Sides)
4 – 1×2 @ 11 1/2″ (Side Trim – cut to the width of your 1x12s)
4 – 2×2 @ 23 1/4″ (legs)
2 – 1×12 @ 15 1/2″ (Shelf)
4 – 2×2 @ 15 1/2″ (Front/Back Trim)
1 – 1×2 @ 18 1/2″ (Top)
1 – 1×12 @ 18 1/2″ (Top)
1 – 1×3 @ 18 1/2″ (Top)
2 – 1×3 @ 15 3/8″ (Door)
3 – 1×2 @ 11 3/8″ (Door)
1/4 – to 1/2″ plywood @ 15 3/8″ x 16 3/8″ (door back)

Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Kreg Jig
Circular Saw
Power Sander
Drill Bit Set


Step 1

Side Trim

Attach the side trim to the outsides of the sides as shown above.

Step 2


Keeping the legs flush with the top, attach legs to the sides as shown above. Predrill holes if you are using screws.

Step 3


The bottom shelf sits flush to the bottom. You can either add a second shelf or drill holes for shelf pins for an adjustable shelf. Glue and screw with either pocket hole screws or 2 1/2″ screws.

Step 4

Front/Back Trim

2 1/2″ screws and glue.

Step 5

Step 6


When you cut your boards, make sure you measure the exact opening of your door, and leave 1/8 gap for a tight fit, 1/4″ (total gap, so that’s 1/8″ all the way around) for a roomier door. If you have a pocket hole system, build the door frame as shown above. You can use a countersink bit or wood dowels to build the door frame too. Otherwise, glue and nail to the back plywood. Keep in mind the allowance need for your hinges. Depending on the type of hinge that you are using, you may need to cut the plywood out around the hinge.

Step 7


Fill holes with wood filler and sand and finish as desired. Attach door with hinges followed by a handle.


K (not verified)

Fri, 01/21/2011 - 03:44

Ana, we all think you are doing an amazing job! It's completely understandable that the growth and transition is going to be a little rough. But that is something we're ALL willing to work with you on :) We love you !!! I really truly enjoy all that you are doing here for us, and keep up the AWESOME work !!

Sarah (not verified)

Fri, 01/21/2011 - 03:46

Relax. Do something else for a break. Don't worry about the website, it will happen. Have a great weekend.

James Reeves (not verified)

Fri, 01/21/2011 - 03:48

Ana, again another awesome project, l just got this past week my K3 pocket hole jig and allot of screws and also bought the kreg DVD's Cabinets and the Tables DVD both awesome dvd's, since buying DVD's now have 7-8 easy to teach myself then your awesome site don't have to surf the net no more just come to your excellent site.

Going to order this week the kreg jigs for attaching drawer slides and 2 right angle clamps makes easy for a one person assembly operation.
Keep up the excellent work, your site has helped me Ana, so much with my depression. Now having new jig now just save up to buy plwood to start building because 90% of my material l have in my shop is 1'' x in oak and pine.was made in the 1980's.
Bye for now
Jim, Ontario, Canada

Nice l no longer have to use my old pocket jig think it

Monica (not verified)

Fri, 01/21/2011 - 04:17

I was just looking at our litter box this morning and trying to think of a great place to "hide" it! lol! It's in our tiny bathroom (the only one in the home! augh!) so I was thinking of building some sort of shelving next to our toilet that would house the liter box in the bottom and would be out of site. :0)

Bonnie (not verified)

Fri, 01/21/2011 - 05:20

Oh Ana, I think this is the entertainment center for me!! I love the Shaker style of the doors, and up off the floor too. The more I look at it, the more I love it! Cannot WAIT for the rest of the plans. And Ana, from me personally, you SO have my undying admiration and respect. I feel so horrible for YOU when your site is down. I know you will work out what ever kind of bug has you at that time, but I also know how much work it will take you to get that job done. So please, don't appologize. You are doing such a GREAT job! I hope that you truely know how much we all appreciate what you do! Sometimes words just do not seem enough. You are my hero!!

Angie (not verified)

Fri, 01/21/2011 - 06:29

I've never thought about it before but I really love this dark grey for furniture. I think if I ever have a garage I will have to make this entertainment center.

Tsu Dho Nimh (not verified)

Fri, 01/21/2011 - 07:05

Ana - Don't get too stressed about the website. Any site that grows as quickly as yours is going to have some problems.

You things are worth waiting for.

Cherie (not verified)

Fri, 01/21/2011 - 07:43

You are so productive! Those are beautiful. I think I'll build them.
I can't say how much I appreciate what you do for us. Thank you.

TheWorldMovesForLove (not verified)

Fri, 01/21/2011 - 08:37

Hang in there! It may seem like it's frustrating for us- but we can manage without the site for just a few days while it gets worked out. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for YOU! It'll work out! (and if it doesn't, I'm sure between all of your fans, we have every single plan on here saved, and we could put the site back together in no time!)

:) This new plan looks fantastic!

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