Dozens of free nightstand plans from Have you thought about building your own nightstand to save money and get exactly what you want?

Browse our collection of free nightstand plans.  From modern nightstands to farmhouse nightstands, simple bedside tables to more complicated nightstands with storage and drawers, build your own nightstand, custom for your space, for a fraction of the cost.

What are Nightstands Used for?

A nightstand, often called a bedside table, is a very functional, hardworking piece.  The primary purpose is the tabletop surface, for the convenience of the user.  The tabletop surface should be large enough to set a lamp, phone, water bottle, clock, and book on.  

The nightstand can incorporate storage too.  It's always nice to have a small drawer to store personal items in.  A small drawer can also be used as a mini office and hold a laptop and notepad and pencils, if you like to catch up on work early or late.

In small spaces, in a nightstand can double as a dresser for smaller clothing items.  Choose a nightstand with multiple drawers, in the largest possible size.

In a kids room, a nightstand can store toys or books.  Nightstand storage shelves are often used to keep extra bedding or pillows, especially in a guest room.  For this type of storage, a  nightstand with shelves is recommended.  A door can conceal if needed.

How to Choose the Perfect Nightstand

COORDINATE WITH EXISTING BED It is best to have the bed or headboard in the room before choosing a nightstand.  With the bed in place, the size and style of the nightstand(s) becomes easier to determine.  

STYLE Most bedrooms have furniture filling them, with a theme already established. But a nightstand does not have to match the headboard or bed frame, it can compliment it or coordinate with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Here's a some combinations that we love:

  • Bed with metal frame paired with stained wood nightstands
  • Wood stained farmhouse bed with wood stained nightstands
  • Upholstered bed with wood stained nightstands
  • Modern platform bed frame with perfectly coordinated modern nightstands

THE WHITE NIGHTSTAND: The white nightstand or white bedside table is the best choice if you are uncertain.  A white nightstand goes with almost everything, as white doors or white trim in a home goes with anything.  If you are overthinking your nightstand choice, just go for a white bedside table. 

FUNCTIONALITY OF THE SIDE TABLE The next step is to ask yourself how this piece  will be used. Does your bedroom lack storage space? A side table can be used as an extra dresser by adding drawers or doors with shelves, including useable space on top for keeping things within easy reach at bedtime. Maybe you just need a place to set a few items, such as a device or reading glasses, we also have simple night tables that allow an extra surface to set those types of daily use items. Another option is a side table with multiple shelves or just a lower shelf, to set a basket or bin on for even more storage. Setting a basket on a lower shelf is a great alternative to drawers or doors. We have plans that work more like a cabinet with a door, keeping all items concealed. Sometimes built-in nightstands are the best option, if the bed has drawers and no room to open with a standard bedside table. So whether you're looking for added storage, a place to set a device or reading glasses, or just a bedside table that is easy to build, we have you covered.

NIGHTSTAND DECOR What goes on the nightstand to make it more beautiful? Home decor is a great way to tie everything together. When it comes to bedroom's decor, less is more. Think of the standard items that will be set on the top surface to begin with. Depending on the size of your nightstand, the top will have more or less room to store things, don't overcrowd it making the space look messy. Floral arrangements can be used throughout the year to add a pop of color and sweet aroma to wake up and fall asleep to. A few candles can add to relaxation and rest, or a small stack of books can look beautiful and inspire falling asleep and waking moments. Think of items that bring you inspiration and joy that can be changed out easily. 

PROPPER BEDSIDE LIGHTING How to choose the best lighting for the bedside? Now that you have a side table, adding a lamp is a great way to create more light and set the overall mood of the room. A major benefit of a bedside lamp is not needing to get out of bed to turn off the lights while drifting off to sleep. There is a variety of bedside lamps to purchase to complete the look of the nook. First ask, what kind of brightness is right for you? Whether it is direct light, soft light, or accent lighting, there are many different styles of lamps and lighting to choose from, which will determine the type of lamp that will be best suited for your bedside table. Built-in nightstands may allow for a surface mount light as well.  Before you purchase a lamp, this is another great time to look for inspiration online or in catalogs to create that the look you are going for. 

WHY USE OUR FREE PLANS We make it easy to customize or modify each plan to get exactly what you want. Our step by step guide is just that, a guide! If you love a bedside table design, but it won't fit in your space, just scale down the size so it does. If you want your side table to be a little taller, just increase the height. Do you want to add a drawer? We show you how to do that too! Our plans make it easy to make these changes. 

MATERIAL What type of material should I use? There are many options and it can be overwhelming. We try to keep the cost down by using, off the shelf lumber. Most of our plans use dimensional lumber, but we do include plywood in some bedside table projects that have doors and drawers, or require a back. 

FINISH OPTIONS Easily customize your bedside table with how you finish it. With all the different paint and stain options, the sky is the limit. Make sure you use a paint or finish that is durable and wipes clean. Updating a room? It's easy to refinish your diy nightstand and give it a fresh new look by slapping some new paint on it!

HARDWARE Depending on the design you choose, there are many different hardware options to choose from. You will want pulls or handles for your side table if it includes drawers or doors. Drawers will also require drawer slides, we have detailed tutorials on installing drawer slides. Doors will need hinges, there are different styles and types of hinges to consider depending on the project. Some side tables have a frameless design and some have a face frame, doors and drawers can be inset or overlay. We take you through the process of selecting the correct style of hinges for those builds. Some of our simple bedside table plans will not require any hardware unless you want a decorative accent. You can add things like L brackets to the corners, X detail or nailhead trim, these are just a few decor add-ons. 

BUILD METHODS Whether you're building a bedside table, an accent table or one of our outdoor sofas, every single plan uses at least one of these 3 basic construction methods. The first and most used method is screwing into a butt joint, which is by definition "a joint formed by two surfaces abutting at right angles". Many of our basic bedside table plans used this method of construction because it's the easiest method. The next method is nailing the project together. Depending if your side table is light duty or heavy duty, this method works best for light duty projects, as well as adding a faceframe or trim to a project. A nailer also works great for the tabletop or to add a back. The final construction method is pocket hole joinery. This is when you join 2 boards edge to edge with the ability to hide the joint, this method is a great way to make professional looking furniture easily and affordably. You may need to purchase a tool or two to get started, but it will payoff!

GET BUILDING Now that you found the perfect nightstand plan to create more bedroom storage and add to the bedroom's decor and function, all that's left to do is grab the supplies and get building. After you build a new bedside table, have fun putting all the pieces together with some fun home decor items, such as candles, baskets, bedside lamps and more. Please share when you build the perfect nightstand! 

What is the difference between nightstand and bedside table? A bedside table is simply a tabletop surface.  A nightstand can be more involved with drawers and/or shelves.  But the terms are now used interchangeably.  

Should bedside tables be higher or lower than the bed? Bedside table height should be lower than the mattress height, to prevent head injury, unless the bedside table is a good distance from the mattress.  If extra storage is needed, the nightstand can be next to the bed and taller, but should be at least twelve inches above the mattress for safety concerns.

What is the difference between a nightstand and an end table?  The main difference is an end table is usually finished on all four sides, so it can float in a room, while a nightstand may not be finished on the back.  End tables are often a square size, while nightstands can be a variety of sizes.

What nightstand goes with a wood bed?  Try a white painted nightstand paired with a wood bed.

What nightstand goes with an upholstered bed?  Upholstered beds go with just about any nightstand, try a wood stained nightstand for a room with carpet that needs more wood texture.  For a room with a wood floor, try a white painted nightstand.

What color nightstand with a grey bed?  Try a grey stained wood nightstand, a metal nightstand, or a painted white nightstand if you cannot match the grey bed finish.

What size nightstand for king bed? Nightstands should be as wide as possible, up to three feet, to match a king bed.

What should be on a nightstand?  A lamp, small decorative plant or floral arrangement, a tissue box, and a small tray.  Leave enough room for a book and a water bottle.

Are nightstands necessary?  Nightstands are very important for home organization and functionality.  Every person in the home should have their own nightstand.

Why are nightstands so short?  So you don't hit your head on them while you are sleeping. It's also easier to set something on a shorter nightstand than a taller one.

Can nightstands be taller than bed?  Yes, but avoid too close to the bed to prevent head injury while sleeping.

Can nightstands be different heights?  The best height for a nightstand is slightly lower than the mattress height.  Both bedside tables should be this height.

Can nightstands be different?  Yes, but try to keep the overall size or shape the same.

What is another word for bedside table?  Nightstand

What can a bedside table be used for?  If you no longer need a bedside table, it can be used as an end table when placed against a wall.  

Where to put a nightstand?  A nightstand should be about 6" from the bed for convenience.  But if needed, can be centered in the space between the bed and adjacent wall.

What's the most important thing to have on your nightstand? A lamp, phone charger, tissue and water bottle.  And a small floral or plant.