25+ DIY Desk Plans for Your HOME

With more an more of us working from home or homeschooling children - or even working from home part time or helping with home work - a desk in the home is essential.  I design all new homes with a built in desk system, as I believe a desk area is as important as kitchen cabinetry, closet shelving and mudrooms.  Yes, it is.  Every home needs a desk system.

But you may need more than one desk.  I like to have one desk area for every adult to keep their things organized.  But every desk doesn't need to be a full on built in desk system.  You can go with simpler, cheaper desks, that look good and do the job, but with less storage.

Do you need a desk? Have you thought about building one?

Let us help you save money and create a beautiful desk for your home or space.

When you build your own desk, you can get exactly what you want, in the exact color or finish you imagine, all for a fraction of the cost!  

Most of these desk plans are geared toward the beginner woodworker. Start creating stylish and beautiful furniture today, using our free plans.






1. Writing Desk with Large Drawer

diy writing desk with drawer

This simple writing desk features a large drawer! Its classic and simple design will work with any style decor. Dress it up or down depending on drawer pull selection and finish. 

We love how simple and functional this desk is, and it would be the perfect addition to an office or bedroom for a work or study space. 



2. Easy Modern Desk Base

diy desk base

This is the first of our mix and match desk system with storage top. We have free plans for multiple desk base options that go with this storage top! This plan is perfect for a student or small space. To see our additional base options click the link below!



3. Storage Compartment Desktop

diy storage desktop

After you choose your desk base, build this storage desktop to finish it off! We love the extra flip top storage compartment to keep everything within easy reach and neat and tidy!



4. Desk Hutch with File Cubby Base

diy desk hutch with file cubby base

This cute desk has open file cubby slots - so you can keep notebooks, files, paper, and more within easy reach.  A top drawer is perfect for pens and pencils.  And there's a bonus lower drawer. Add a hutch with our free plans and add even more storage!

This hutch plan can be easily modified to fit your existing desk as well!



5. Leaning Standing or Sitting Desk

diy leaning desk

This leaning ladder desk is built completely out of 1x boards! Simply make it a standing desk by adjusting the height of the desktop. A leaning desk design is great for a small space without a dedicated office, it has a small footprint and is easy to modify for any space!



6. Sawhorse Desk

diy sawhorse desk

A sawhorse style desk is great for any room in the house, this solid wood design will last for years! This plan makes it easy to use a premade top, so all you have to do is build the base. We love the look and design of a sawhorse desk!

Reader submitted photo



7. Storage Leg Desk

diy storage leg craft desk

It doesn't get much easier than this! The design for this storage leg desk is super simple. Just build  two little bookshelves, and attach a premade (and precut) project panel on top!  We love the ability to easily customize the size and height. This desk is not just for kids, it would also make a great craft desk!



8. Standing Tower Desk

diy parson standing tower desk

This is the desk that this very blog was built on. I love it because of the large top surface, ample storage, but clean simple modern design that begs to stay clutter free. You can also use this desk as a console table. As seen here as a reader build, it is easy to modify to make it a standing desk too!



9. Farmhouse Desk with X Detail

diy farmhouse desk x detail

This farmhouse design will look great with any decor and style, will last a long time, built with solid wood, using just a couple of tools! This farmhouse desk is a beginner friendly build, check out the video to see the entire build process. 



10. Channing Desk with Hutch

diy desk with hutch channing desk with hutch

This desk system has a ton of storage at the base and with the added hutch. The base includes a drawer and open shelf for printers, paper, pens, basic office supplies. We love the added back to include even more organization as a peg board, magnetic board, or whatever your creative mind can think of!



11. Hidden Desk Apothecary Cabinet

hidden apothecary desk with stools

Don't have a dedicated spot for a desk?

From the looks of it, it is just a cabinet...

That's the best part, it can be in any part of the house and when you need a desk to work at, just pull out those hidden stools! This hidden desk also has extra storage, so it is easy to keep everything in one place.

The apothecary design will look great with any decor type. Have fun with the finish and hardware on this one!



12. House Desk

house shaped desk with pegboard

Cute and functional, this house shaped desk is sure to be enjoyed! It has a small footprint and would be a great addition to a kids room. The pegboard back makes it more functional by adding more organization and storage. 

This cute little desk is perfect for homework or a craft station. 



13.Modular Desk Collection

modular desk collection

Our modular desk collection can be a pick and choose set up. It includes, file, cubby, slide out, open shelves and drawer bases that can be configured however fits your space, then just add a desktop! Check out the entire collection in the link below. 



14. Fancy X Desk

fancy farmhouse desk

 A little fancy farmhouse flair coming at ya'll! We love the look and style of this pretty desk, pretty enough to be in the living room to be admired all day long, or in an office to add style and charm to a space. This desk is easy to modify for different sizes and the plan is easy to follow for any level woodworker. Have fun picking out the perfect chair for your new desk! Check out the finish tutorial HERE!

By Oak House Designs Co.



15. Modern Farmhouse Desk

modern farmhouse desk

We've recently created plans for modern farmhouse style furniture, this collection is now complete, including this desk! So it you are looking for a furniture refresh for your home and love this style, you can grab the free plans and build it ALL! We love the look and simplicity of this modern farmhouse desk, another beginner friendly plan. 



16. Henry Desk

henry desk workbench style desk

You're name doesn't have to be Henry to build this desk...

Every now and then we have to leave the workshop and do some desk work. This desk has it all, it's got that workbench feel, perfect for anyone out there who'd rather be in the shop or garage working, than at their desk.  Grab the free plans for this workbench style desk and get building!




17. Farmhouse Style Writing Desk

farmhouse style writing desk

We've simplified this farmhouse desk with drawer plan to make it achievable for any level woodworker. Using basic tools and materials you can build this desk today. Easy to modify the size for your space and need, we love the look and added drawer for extra organization! We have plans to add a hutch HERE.



Reader submitted photo.



18. Trestle Style Desk

pottery barn knockoff teen trundle desk

A trundle desk is a great solution and design for a teen bedroom. This PB Teen inspired Trestle

Desk is easy to build. Have fun with the finish to complete the look to compliment the room!



19. Adjustable Sawhorse Desk

adjustable desk to coffee table

Need multifunctional furniture in a small space? This adjustable desk to coffee table would be the perfect solution for that scenario. We love the industrial vibe on this desk to table too!



20. Schoolhouse Project Table

school project table craft table and desk desk with bookshelf cubbies

Use this Project Craft Table Plan to create a cool study and craft space, the whole family can enjoy! The added cubbies and drawer make this an organized workspace with a large surface to work on. 



21. School Desk

school desk

Do you have a dedicated school room or schooling space? Make the kids feel like they are at school, right at home! Build an old school style desk for homework or homeschooling. This desk plan doesn't take up a lot of space and can be stored away when not in use.



22. Flip Down Desk with Storage

flip down desk with storage murphy desk

This flip down desk is great for small spaces or bedrooms, and it also includes storage to store all of the supplies needed to sit and do homework or arts and crafts. Add a chalkboard or magnetic back for more fun and function.



23. Angled Desktop Play Table

house desk angled play table drafting style kids desk

Give a different perspective on this house shaped play table. This cute little desk will be a graet addition to a playroom or kids room. 



24. Turned Leg Traditional Desk with Drawers

turned leg traditional desk with drawers

Looking for a traditional turned leg desk? We have plans for you to build your own! We love this desk for it's beauty and function, the design will never go out of style. Have fun with the finish and hardware and get building. The drawers are functional to keep you organized as well as keep your work space neat and tidy!



25. Rustic X Desk

rustic x desk

Our Rustic X Desk plan looks great and is easy to build. It is similar to our farmhouse desk plan, but here we incorporate an extra shelf for printer storage, maybe a garbage can, or modify as desired by adding a drawer, etc. Save hundreds of dollars by building your own desk. 



Design Your Own Desk Base

design your own desk base

If you've looked at all of these plans and not finding exactly what you want, check out our Shelf Help service that will help you design the perfect desk! Incorporate a place for printers and papers, pens and pencils, baskets and mail. The options are endless, if you haven't done so already check out how we can help you from start to finish, shipping material directly to your front door with our Shelf Help service. 

25+ DIY Desk Plans for Your HOME