20 Kids Arts and Crafts Stations - Free Plans

What's the best way to allow creativity? Build a space to be creative! Investing in a child's creativity is priceless and while we're at it, we will save you hundreds of dollars by building it yourself!

Our free plans include tables, chairs/stools, and storage solutions that are all easy to build. 

Some questions to ask before getting started.

  • Open or hidden storage?
  • Easy to keep tidy?
  • Multiple activities?
  • Compact design?
  • Multi-functional?
  • Space available?

Our free plans include step-by-step diagrams, shopping lists and cut list.  Let's find the perfect plans for you and get building!




1. Art Coffee Table with Paper Roll

multifunctional coffee table with paper roll art table

Go from coffee table to art table! This simple plan is a great multi-functional art table plan to transform the living room space into an art station! This design offers a large flat surface to get creative with, we just use a freezer paper roll for the paper roll dispenser! A simple plan that is sure to be a hit for the whole family, get down on the floor with the little ones and enjoy the time doing what they love!



2. Craft Paper Roll Holder

craft paper roll holder diy plan

A craft paper roll holder can be added to any surface and put away when not in use. This plan allows you to transform any surface to an art station! So if you don't want to build an entire table, just set this on on existing desk or table and viola, get artistic! The best part, it only costs about $10 to build, craft paper rolls can be purchased on Amazon, like this one HERE. 



3. Train Trundle

train trundle plan diy

A toy trundle can be an easy way to add a play area that can be tucked away when not in use. Store it under a bed easily. As seen here as a train play surface, but this plan allows creativity for the builder! There are no limits to your imagination on what type of play scenario this could be used for! Another super easy and inexpensive way to add a play station for the kids.



4. Play Table with Storage Compartment

kids storage craft art table

This kids storage play table is not only super cute, but doubles as extra storage for all those supplies and extras! The top surface is large enough for, up to 4 kids, to have their own art space! The plans have a round top, but are easy to modify as seen here with a square top, depending on preference!

Reader submitted photo.



5. Kids Storage Chair

Kids Storage chair plan

The kids storage chair plan can be paired with multiple art station plans. So if your goal is to have more storage in the craft area, why not build it into the chair! 

Reader submitted photo.



6. Kids Play Table

kids play art table

If you're looking for a simple kids table build, this is the plan for you! Sometimes you just need to gives kids their own space to sit, eat, craft, and play! This table is just their size and they will love having a surface to work on!

Photo and build by Jaime Costiglio



7. Stackable Kids Chairs

stackable kids chair

This is our basic kids chair plan! Make it extra special with an extra customization or paint them fun colors! A great beginner friendly kid chair plan, that is just their size! This plan allows to stack and store when not in use.

Reader submitted photo



8. Low Activity Table with Rolling Storage

low kids craft table

There is so much storage and usable surface on this design. The lower height allows kids to set dollhouses, trains, legos, just about anything they can think of on top and stand to play. The table brings it right up to their play height. 

Another build by Jaime Costiglio, seen here as a smaller version of the original plan.



9. Stump Stool

diy stump stool stump furniture

Whether you're building an entire craft/art station or just want to add some adorable seating, these stump stools are a perfect addition to a kids space and can be made with scrap wood or just a few bucks! 




10. Trestle Play Table

trestle style play table

Sized perfectly for young children to do activities, play games and do schoolwork. We love this trestle table with it's large top, and open shelf on the bottom.  It's easy to store craft supplies in the shelf area. This is our single trestle table plan, if you'd like to expand the size of your build, check out the double trestle play table plan HERE!

Reader submitted photo.



11. Arts and Crafts Play Table

arts and crafts play table

This play table is bright and fun the way it displays the little storage trays under acrylic glass. It's a great way for kids to organize their art supplies and keep them in easy reach when they want to use it!



12. Art Center Stools

art center stool kids stool diy stool

These cute little wood stools, can be made with minimal material, you may even have it in your scrap wood pile, just waiting to be used! Arts and craft centers need a stool for kids to sit and be able to stay awhile. This stool design can be mix and matched with our other art tables and craft stations.

Built by Jaime Costiglio



13. Kids Art Center

kids art center with paper roll and storage

Whether your kids love legos, coloring or crafts, this play table includes storage for easy access to toys and craft supplies, and also easy clean-up. An art center that checks all the boxes. The kids will be sure to love it, just as much as mom and dad, when everything is tidy and in it's place after use!

Another build by Jaime Costiglio



14. Arts and Craft Storage Shelf

arts and crafts storage shelf art storage

Inspired by Pottery Barn Kids Simple Art Shelf - this little DIY version is solid wood and costs less than a quarter of the price. The added art caddies allow children to remove their supplies, bring them over to their work surface easily and in an organized way. This art shelf is a great way to keep things in one place, add casters and roll it into the closet when done!

Built by Jaime Costiglio



15. Modern Play Table with Storage

modern play table kids play table art and lego table diy

The modern play table has a large play surface and two storage areas for supplies! It's a perfect station to play with Legos, do arts and crafts, puzzles, and more! There is a slot for an optional paper roll as well. It's an easy build design and the legs can be removed and lengthened to increase the height of the table, as the children grow!



16. Play Table Stool

play table stool

This stool is great because it's just the right height for kids, is super sturdy, but light weight enough for them to pack around, wherever they need it!



17. Kids Elementary Trestle Storage Table

storage elementary homeschool table kids craft table

This simple little play table with storage, is a favorite! It's perfect for homeschooling, crafts, or for bigger kids to do their homework or play games on. The storage bins make it easy to tidy up at the end of play! Inspired by Land of Nod's Elementary Table.

Reader submitted photo



18. Wood Storage Stools

wood storage stools

Here is a great little storage solution for all those craft supplies, but they also double as a comfy stool when the top is flipped over! Just roll them over to the work space, grab out your supplies and get to work! 



19. Easy Wood Shelving

easy wood slat shelving

If you're just looking for some extra shelving to store all the supplies and board games, it doesn't get much easier than these wood slat shelves! The design makes it simple to modify to fit any space or closet and help you get organized! Fill with bins, totes or baskets to keep it looking neat and tidy!



20. Clothespin Display Rails

clothespin art display diy art display

And finally the budding artist needs a place to hang their beautiful works of art! This clothespin rail system can be easily customized for any space and the artwork can be changed out as desired! For just a few dollars, add bright cheery artwork to a room!

20 Kids Arts and Crafts Stations - Free Plans